LCO Music Junction

Music Junction empowers children and young people regardless of their background or prior musical experience. It delivers a high quality peer-to-peer music education programme which nurtures an appreciation of orchestral music and cultivates artistic and key life skills such as communication, problem-solving and employability. The programme creates a positive influence on communities together in partnership with schools, music hubs and other organisations.
“These children accomplished so much during this project and if they could do that, they can do ANYTHING!”
Sam Nosal, Senior Teacher
High Close Barnardo’s School

Our Approach

Our unique outreach project is a three-tiered programme formed of: mentees – pupils who have had very limited or no access to classical music; mentors – pupils who have been learning an instrument; and LCO musicians. Each year, these groups come together for flashmobs, creative workshops and instrumental learning, working on a piece written specifically for them which is performed at the project showcase concert side-by-side with LCO.

Each LCO Music Junction Hub is constantly evolving and individually adapted to suit the needs and wants of the schools, participants and wider community that we work with.
The programme aims to:
  • encourage greater empathy and connection between young people from different backgrounds and to build lasting relationships between schools and communities
  • encourage participants to learn from and support each other, creating opportunities for shared experience to bridge social divides
  • develop confidence, self-esteem and aspiration in all participants, alongside growing awareness of their existing skills and qualities
  • inspire more inclusive and higher-quality community collaboration in music
  • nurture musical appreciation and understanding so that orchestral music becomes a familiar part of young people’s lives
  • create opportunities for learning and developing musical skills, as well as creative expression
  • enable more people to experience high quality music making

Donate to LCO

We warmly appreciate the support of donors, trusts and partners like you, who allow us to deliver our pioneering music education project

Donate an Instrument

We provide instruments to our Music Junction participants to make the programme as accessible as possible. Please do get in contact if you are interested in donating an instrument


We are always happy to hear from people who are interested in learning more about our outreach programmes. Please get in touch!
Transforming lives through music
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