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Innovating orchestral music for over a century

The London Chamber Orchestra has been redefining orchestral music in the UK for over a century. Our musicians, soloists, and composers create unforgettable experiences, inspiring and captivating audiences. But we’re more than just an orchestra.

Our Music Junction program promotes leadership, community, and inclusion by providing opportunities for children including those with special educational needs and disabilities.

We prioritise mental health and wellbeing and strive to make our performances welcoming and inclusive for all. We’re committed to breaking down barriers to orchestral music and making a positive impact on our community.


Dedicated to revolutionising the orchestral music industry, we champion inclusivity, sustainability, and the power to inspire diverse individuals. Our unique approach emphasises musicianship and audience engagement, distinguishing us in London’s vibrant cultural scene.

Creating a diverse and inclusive community, we passionately promote orchestral music as an enriching force, supporting education and community-building initiatives. Our mission breaks barriers, elevating standards, and ensuring everyone can access the transformative power of orchestral music. 

Jess Gillam performing with the London Chamber Orchestra and Christopher Warren-Green
“Everyone on stage seems to be having a whale of a time and this feeds into a performance in which the music sounds new-minted”
The Guardian

Royal Patronage

The Orchestra is privileged to enjoy the Patronage of Her Majesty The Queen Camilla, and performed at the royal wedding in 2011 to two billion people worldwide.

London Chamber Orchestra Team

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Artistic team

Christopher Warren-Green

Music Director and Principal Conductor

Rosemary Warren-Green

Education and Outreach Artistic Director

Vladimir Ashkenazy

LCO President

Administrative team

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Martin Childs


Transforming lives through music
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