International Women’s Day 2022

Today on International Women’s Day 2022, we are celebrating the brilliant women who feature on upcoming Three Worlds Records/ London Chamber Orchestra/ Ben Goldscheider’s collaboration album- Ruth Gipps, Winds of Change (released Friday 25 March 2022).

Here is teaser of soprano Mary Bevan singing The Lady of the Lambs:

“Throughout her career, Gipps was a pioneer who challenged, head-on, some of the deep-rooted discrimination that had long barred female musicians from the more visible and important positions within music, and indeed wider, life. Perhaps this feeling can best be described by Gipps herself when she said: “I know I am a real composer, perhaps they will only realise it when I am dead!’ It is therefore with great pleasure and gratitude that we can share this album of her works to ensure that her place in British musical history is better appreciated and understood.” -Ben Goldscheider, album sleevenotes.

We are proud to champion women being in the spotlight for this album: Hannah von Wiehler (conductor), Mary Bevan (soprano), Ruth Rosales (narrator). Behind the scenes, Rosanna Goodall is album producer, with Janet Grab on the engineering team, and Laura Beck assisting.

Although not in this video, we also had brilliant contributions from female musicians:
Alison Alty (cor anglais/ oboe)
Elsa Bradley (TamTam)
Elise Campbell (horn)
Annemarie Federle (horn)
Alyson Frazier (flute)
Chris Hankin (flute)
Alex Jakeman (flute)
Imogen Royce (flute)

Ruth Gipps Winds of Change released globally, Friday 25 March 2022.

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