A Century of Music – play along with LCO!

Perform alongside the London Chamber Orchestra and our friends in a special birthday concert to celebrate LCO’s centenary!

We are inviting all musicians: young and old, new or longstanding LCO friend, aspiring musician or rusty musician, to stretch their vocal cords or pick up an instrument and perform in our a section of our birthday piece, “A Century of Music” written by the fantastic Cheryl Frances-Hoad alongside some of this year’s Music Junction participants.  

We’d love to share your performance in our online concert so please capture your performance on video and send it in to us by 09.00 Monday 26 April. We’ll stitch together all submitted videos to create a finale bonanza for our concert “A Centenary Celebration” premiering online on 7 May. 

Here’s how to participate:

1. Download the music, and print it off or learn it off-by-heart!

2. Grab your headphones and play / sing along to the click track. You’ll need to wait for 8 clicks before you start! If you need some extra help singing, have a listen to how it goes by clicking on the link here.

3. Film yourself or ask someone to film you, please make sure that your video is filmed in landscape

4. Send your video to [email protected] via WeTransfer by 09.00 on Monday 26 April to get your chance of being in LCO’s 100th birthday concert!


Click track 


Violin            Cello             Flute       

Clarinet           Trumpet       Percussion

Have fun practising – we can’t wait to see your performances!

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