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Bluestone Vineyards Partnership

We are delighted to announce our partnership with the award winning Bluestone Vineyard, with lots of events and collaborative merchandise up our sleeves for the coming years. With “At-Home Hampers” to enjoy with our online concerts, “LCO 100” engraved wine glasses, and even a limited edition “LCO 100” sparkling wine, click here to visit our shop to see what’s available.

“Welcome to the historic county of Wiltshire, the centre of UK civilisation for millenia, shrouded in mystery and still teasing us with hints of what has gone on here. She has another secret to share with the world – Internationally Award Winning Sparkling Wines.

Grapevines are extremely sensitive and revealing plants, and have been used for thousands of years telling tales of the land through bearing its fruits and being made into the “Nectar of the Gods”. The McConnell brothers at Bluestone Vineyards are extremely passionate about the outdoors, nature and and our place alongside it. They are here to grow beautiful, expressive grapes that are nurtured into wines of distinction and place, showcasing the beauty of everything from a single moment with the sole purpose of sharing it with you and the ones you love. 

The McConnell’s branched out from running a popular visitor attraction focussed on conserving British Rare Breeds by welcoming the addition of 15,000 grapevines to the family. Our goal was to create more opportunities to spend time doing the things we loved and do it more often. We love to spend time with friends and family, so naturally we decided to grow and create a product with passion and purpose that could play the social centre or the supporting role. 

Life is for celebrating and you should celebrate more. The small things, the big things and the in between things. You don’t need an excuse, do what you like, do what you love! Just be sure to do it with ones you love with a glass of Bluestone in hand.”