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Remembering LCO in your will can be a great way to share the things you care about, like music.

Your donation will be helping to make sure that future generations can experience the London Chamber Orchestra in action. It will also help make sure that Music Junction continues to inspire and transform the lives of young people.

Leaving a gift is something absolutely anyone can do, and writing or amending a Will doesn’t have to be complicated. However we do recommend consulting a solicitor to make sure it’s done properly.

You’ll need the following information to be included in your Will:

Charity name: The London Chamber Orchestra Trust
Registered Charity Number: 297852

You don’t need to share the fact that you’ve left LCO a legacy, but if you do want to talk to us about it or let us know then we’d love to hear from you.

For further information please contact Francesca McGeorge, on +44(0)20 3397 984 or [email protected]