Benjamin Beilman
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19 Nov 2020


7:30 pm

With Nine Lives

Presented by Jess Gillam

Farrenc Nonet
Piece for solo violin

Schubert Octet
LCO Principals
with special guest
Benjamin Beilman violin

In mid 19th-century Paris, Louise Farrenc (1804-1875) enjoyed a flourishing career as a celebrated composer, pianist and professor, yet it is only in the past few years that her works have at last enjoyed a long-overdue renaissance. With a distinctive, high-spirited style sometimes compared to Schubert and Gounod, Farrenc’s works positively overflow with ideas and her Nonet, an unusual, grandscale chamber work, now promises to enchant us all. Next, the young American violin star Ben Beilman presents a solo of his own choice. Finally, Schubert’s Octet is a subtantial masterpiece in six movements that in its turn was modelled after Beethoven’s Septet. Commissioned by the clarinettist Ferdinand Troyer, this energetic and elegiac music was first heard in 1824 at the home of his employer – Beethoven’s patron, Archduke Rudolf. The saxophonist and Radio 3 presenter Jess Gillam joins us to tell us more about the music.

Don’t miss the interval performance from LCO Music Junction participants.

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This concert is supported by the Ambache Charitable Trust. The Ambache Charitable Trust is active in raising the profile of women composers.