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“These children accomplished so much during this project and if they could do that, they can do ANYTHING!”

— Sam Nosal, Senior Teacher at High Close Barnardo’s School


LCO Music Junction is the London Chamber Orchestra’s unique outreach and education project. Since 2010, the project has repeatedly fulfilled its key aims: to bring children and young people together from different social and economic backgrounds, and provide them with opportunities to develop artistic and social skills through shared music making experiences. Using the power of music as a catalyst, Music Junction promotes confidence, nurtures self-esteem and increases the aspirations of all involved.

Over the course of an academic year, LCO’s team of musicians share their expertise with participants and support them throughout a series of musical activities including flashmobs, creative workshops and focused instrumental learning sessions. Together, our participants work with one another and LCO to learn a piece of music written specifically for them and their individual abilities, to be performed in our end of project showcase concerts side-by-side with LCO. This is one of the most exciting aspects of LCO Music Junction – providing opportunities for our young people to work with and experience different composers and genres of music.

LCO Music Junction is inclusive of all school children aged 7-18, including those of varying musical and academic ability and those with special educational needs. Students with more musical experience take on the role of mentors, and help teach those students who are just beginning their musical journeys and are welcomed to the project as mentees. This peer mentoring scheme is crucial to Music Junction and develops naturally between all participants, helping to build leadership and communication skills, and create a sense of security, continuity and progression from one session to the next.

It is the diverse combination of mentee and mentor participants that is key to Music Junction’s success. All participants find their own unique ways to teach, inspire and learn from one another helping to break down social barriers that typically exist within some communities. The collaborative nature of Music Junction creates an equal sense of contribution and accomplishment for all participants regardless of previous musical experience or background. Thus, by encouraging participants to connect and interact with other young people they may not have otherwise have met, they develop empathy and respect for themselves and each other within their wider communities.

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