Our aims

Our fundamental aspiration is to nurture greater empathy and connection between young people from different backgrounds. By bringing together children and young people who would not usually meet, and giving them shared opportunities to make music as a group, we aim to promote confidence, nurture self-esteem and encourage participants to develop respect for themselves and each other within their wider communities. Through an ongoing process of investment, development, reflection and transparent reporting Music Junction aims to change lives over the longer-term, offering to all participants a vision enabling them to develop lasting self-worth and aspirations, and sharing the lessons of what we have learned.

“I feel so incredibly lucky to be part of this work. I have worked here for 24 years and can truly say that my participation in Music Junction has given me more pleasure than anything else I have done with our young people, because of how much I can see it doing for the young people involved. None of us will ever forget days like yesterday, and I tell everyone prepared to listen that these children will now be able to approach future challenges; that they accomplished so much during this project and if they could do that, they can do ANYTHING!”

Sam Nosal, Senior Teacher at High Close Barnardo’s School, Wokingham, Berkshire