Make a Seat


Download and make your own origami chair

I’m Seat A68. You’ll find me in the side gallery at Cadogan Hall. Sit on me and you get an excellent view of what’s happening on stage – in fact, you’re almost right on top of the orchestra. And what do you pay for the privilege of a seat like me at a London Chamber Orchestra concert? Just £10.

Getting an orchestra on stage is an expensive business – there are up to 80 professional musicians to pay (for rehearsals and the concert), as well as choirs, soloists, piano tuners, sheet music hire, venue hire, and a load of other behind-the-scenes costs.

Just to break even, they’d have to sell a seat like me for at least £25. Some of my colleagues down in the stalls would have to be more than four times as expensive. But it’s vital that what the London Chamber Orchestra does should be open to everyone. And cheap tickets for seats like me mean that it can share its music with more young people on a budget, curious first-timers, and others who might not otherwise come. But it can’t do this without your help.

It is only through generous donations from people like you that the London Chamber Orchestra can keep its seat prices down. Now you can offer someone else the opportunity to experience what you love. You can sponsor me, or any number of my neighbours, and keep orchestral music available to everyone.

A £15 donation guarantees that a seat like me will still cost just £10.

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