LCO X Jack Coulter

Imagine seeing music.

Imagine if every note triggered flashes of colour, every rhythm danced a pattern around you.

Now imagine it happens with other noises too – background chatter in a café fills your vision. Aeroplanes flash overhead. And you feel it all as real as the chair you’re sitting on or the ground beneath your feet.

Welcome to the world of synaesthesia, where crossed sensory wires in the brain can mean one sense is experienced as another. A smell might have its own sound, or a texture might trigger a specific taste.

Jack Coulter is an artist who uses synaesthesia to his advantage. He experiences sound visually, so is able to respond to music in a mezmerizingly direct way.

Watch Jack paint live from his studio – projected on a screen above the Orchestra or via Facebook Live at home – while LCO perform Mendelssohn’s violin concerto.

12 April 2018
Cadogan Hall and on Facebook Live

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This concert is supported by Bruton of Sloane Street.