Thursday 20 April 2017

“Widmann exposed the beating heart of Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony, and the LCO responded with passion.” Financial Times, February 2015

Mendelssohn was such an ardent Anglophile that he braved seasickness to visit Fingal’s Cave, on the Island of Staffa, resulting in the atmospheric Hebrides Overture. His ‘Reformation’ Symphony was intended for the 300th-anniversary celebrations of a key moment in the development of Lutheranism, and features the relatively unusual serpent in its orchestration.

Composer Jörg Widmann started his career as a clarinettist, so it’s apt we hear him in Weber’s Concertino, which exploits both the instrument’s lyrical and brilliant qualities. Beethoven is the starting-point in Widmann’s Con brio, which quotes from the Seventh and Eighth Symphonies with great panache.

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